Pigmentation Treatment

Do you want to reverse the signs of sun damage?
Dream of reducing unsightly pigmentation blemishes?

Discover beautiful rejuvenated skin with our breakthrough photorejuvenation and pigmentation removal treatments.

The signs of sun damage can start to appear as early as your early 30s. This can include a variety of pigmentation changes such as melasma, freckles, sun spots, and darkened patches of skin. You might also experience facial redness, visible blood vessels, and vascular lesions. Over time your skin will become increasingly dry and thin, leading to wrinkles and folds in the skin and a general degradation in your skin’s condition. Fortunately, a reliable solution is at hand!

Here at Allure Clinic we use the technologically advanced StarLux 500 MaxG system for unbeatable results. This incredible treatment is successful used to:
Reduce pigmentation
Reduce blood vessels and redness on the face
Tighten and rejuvenate the skin
Why is MaxG better than IPL?

The MaxG laser is absorbed by the dark pigments in your skin. The laser energy is then converted into heat, which affects the targeted pigmented area. In comparison to IPL, the MaxG focuses far more accurately on the targeted skin area. The MaxG is a safer method, and it requires fewer treatments than IPL.

If you want to remove unwanted changes to your skin, our photorejuvenation treatments will give you the results you are after! You can enjoy new smooth clear skin in no time at all thanks to the experts at Allure Clinic.

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