Skin Resurfacing

Enjoy gorgeous skin without having to endure surgery. With our cutting edge Starlux 500™ system your skin will not only look great, but feel amazing too.

Are blemishes and other skin flaws affecting your confidence?
This latest development in skin resurfacing will drastically improve the appearance of:
Acne scar
Age spots
Fine facial lines
Pigmentation marks
Skin tone and texture
Stretch marks
Sun damage
Surgical scars

The Starlux 500™ fractional laser is a technologically advanced system that produces outstanding skin resurfacing results.

What is laser fractional resurfacing?

Laser energy micro-beams are focused on the relevant area of skin. That area of skin is affected from the epidermis through to the dermis. This in turn stimulates your body’s natural healing mechanisms. The healing process produces new healthy skin to replace the tissue that was affected by the laser. The result? New healthy skin with a youthful glow.

The success of the Starlux 500™ lies in its diverse applications. It can be used to successfully treat a wide range of skin complaints. This provides you with the convenient option of treating multiple skin conditions at once. In addition, Starlux 500™ is effective on all skin types, from very fair to very dark complexions.

Ablative vs. non-ablative fractional skin resurfacing

Starlux 500™ is capable of both ablative and non-ablative fractional skin resurfacing, both of which provide our clients with significantly less downtime.

Ablative resurfacing involves the removal of thin layers of skin with a laser. The ablative fractional resurfacing uses a 2940 nm laser. This works deeper than non-ablative fractional resurfacing and produces more effective results, but still has far less downtime and far less risk when compared to a fully ablative non fractional laser.

Non-ablative resurfacing is the less invasive option. Underlying skin is tightened and collagen growth is stimulated, without wounding the skin. ICON’s™ non-ablative fractional resurfacing uses a 1540 nm laser. With this approach you experience minimal downtime.

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