Dermal Fillers Lower Face

Example of complete lower face including Lip, Marionette Lines and Jaw line treatment
Marionette Lines

Your lower face consists of your mouth area, lips, chin and jawline. If you think of an attractive face, you probably imagine the lips to be full, smooth and well-defined, and the chin and jaw area to have smooth contours.

However, changes in facial shape occur naturally over time. All of us lose facial volume from the lower face through a decrease in collagen, hyaluronic acid and fat under the skin. The facial soft tissue may also start to descend towards the jawline due to the effects of gravity and the loosening of the facial ligaments that ‘hold’ the soft tissue together. Accumulation of the soft tissue in the lower face may form jowls and give the impression that the chin is widening. Marionette lines below the mouth are one of the early signs of ageing and also one of the most common areas to treat. When rejuvenating a natural Lip we also like to correct these tell tale lines of aging.