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The Ultimate Lip Filler Guide: How to Get Natural-looking Results in Mackay

If you’re looking for plump, luscious lips without lines and cracks, then it’s time to consider the anti-ageing dermal filler. This form of lip filler – or lip augmentation as its also known – is an effective way to enhance the size, shape, and appearance of your lips. 

How does the lip filler procedure work?

Lip fillers are administered by qualified technicians and medical professionals with experience in the procedure. The actual lip filler is a gel-like substance that consists of a naturally occurring ingredient, hyaluronic acid, that helps your body retain moisture while adding volume. It’s considered a special anti-ageing ingredient that has been incorporated into moisturisers, serums, and other youth-enhancing beauty products. lip filler

The substance is injected into the lips using a thin needle and will bind water molecules within the lips to create a plumper look, more definition, and correct any asymmetries. While it’s unlikely you will feel any pain, you might feel a slight pinching sensation with an ice pack used to minimise swelling. The procedure takes around 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the individual.

What are the benefits of lip fillers?

If you’re in the market for natural-looking lips that can be achieved quickly and easily, then lip fillers are right for you. Here’s a look at some of the many benefits of this type of dermal filler.

  • It’s convenient: Lip filler injections, when administered by an experienced professional, can be done within as little as 30 minutes, with clients often only needing a single visit, making it extremely convenient for those with busy schedules. 
  • It’s customisable: Lip fillers create plumper, symmetrical, unlined lips but because no two people are the same, the treatment can be customised to suit the individual’s needs. You might need more augmentation, or reshaping – your technician will work with you to get it right. 
  • It’s biocompatible – The lip fillers used are generally made of hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring compound in the human body that attracts water molecules. 
  • It’s temporary: Most lip fillers will last up to 12 months or longer, depending on the product used. This means that if you’re not completely sold on the finished look, your lips will naturally return to their original shape, or you can have the procedure reversed. 
  • Minimal downtime: Another great thing about lip fillers is that you can be living your life again quickly as there’s minimal downtime with this treatment. You may experience some initial swelling or bruising, but this will take a few days to disappear. 
  • It’s non-surgical: Unlike many aesthetic treatments, lip fillers are performed without the need for any surgery or anaesthetics. 
  • Enhanced aesthetics: With lip fillers, you’re coming away with increased lip volume, shape, definition and smoothness, resulting in a wonderful, youthful appearance. 

Tips for post-treatment care and maintenance

Once you’ve had your lip filler treatment done, your technician will provide you with sound guidance on how to minimise your downtime while keeping your lips looking healthy and youthful. Some tips to consider include: 

  • Using Vitamin K, arnica creams or aloe vera on the injection site to minimise bruising. 
  • Apply an ice pack covered in cloth to the lips to decrease the swelling and pain. 
  • For 24 to 48 hours after having a dermal filler, you must avoid strenuous activities such as exercise. 
  • Remember to stay hydrated after the dermal filler treatment as water helps the body heal. 
  • Avoid eating anything with excess sodium as this can cause the swelling to worsen. 
  • Avoid any high temperatures which means no saunas or hot baths as this increases swelling. 
  • Sleep with your head elevated on pillows and don’t sleep on your face. 
  • Avoid makeup and chemicals on the lips for 24 hours after the procedure. 

How do you choose a reputable clinic in Mackay?

If you’re in Mackay and considering where to get your lip filler treatment done, then here are a few things to help you make that important choice. 

  • Reviews: Get real-life, first-hand information from people who have achieved natural-looking results with lip fillers from clinics in Mackay. Check online reviews and ask clinics for testimonials. 
  • Experience: Ask the clinic about their experience with lip fillers, how many they do, what products they use, and their certification. Even though this is a non-medical procedure, a lot can go wrong when it’s being performed by inexperienced individuals. 
  • Communication: The medical professionals should be ready to answer any questions and allay any concerns that you might have without evasion or complication. They won’t overpromise results but rather give you a realistic indication of what to expect. 
  • Costs: When it comes to pricing, keep in mind that cheapest does not equate to best. That being said, you shouldn’t be overcharged for a service that could be offered for less elsewhere if the level of service is the same. 

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