Cosmetic Tattooing

Imagine the convenience of waking up with your make-up already expertly applied! Our visiting Cosmetic Tattooist from Brisbane can give you just that…

Cosmetic tattoos, also referred to as permanent make-up, are the perfect way to ensure that you look perfectly made up all day, every day. It is important to ensure that you entrust this procedure to a licensed cosmetic tattooist who specialises in this aesthetic application of tattooing.

There are several cosmetic tattoos that you might wish to consider:
Eyebrows (we offer the effective feathering technique)
Upper and lower eyeliner
Lips (full lips, or lip outline and blend)
Why permanent make-up is the best solution for you

The shape and fullness of your eyebrows is more important to your appearance than you might realise. They create a frame for your eyes and, as such, have a significant impact on your overall look. This is the ideal solution for women with partial, faint, or no eyebrows.

Like your eyebrows, eyeliner should be used to frame your eyes. Many women struggle to apply eyeliner effectively, let alone maintain the look throughout the day. With permanent upper and lower lid eyeliner you can forget about unsightly smudges and toss those frustrating eye-pencils away.

Lip tattoos solve several problems. Your lips will be better defined and lip scars rendered invisible. A tattoo on the lip line will prevent bleeding from lipstick, whilst a full lip tattoo solves the issue of constantly having to reapply lipstick throughout the day.


How are cosmetic tattoos applied?

The cosmetic tattooist will use a sterile pen to sketch the correct shape to be tattooed. Topical anaesthetic will then be applied to your skin. Thereafter, the process is similar to getting any other tattoo: a hollow vibrating needle will penetrate your skin releasing pigment as it goes.

How do I choose the best colour and shape?

Our cosmetic tattooist will provide professional advice and suggestions. However, the ultimate choice is yours.

Is the process painful?

You will feel a slight stinging sensation during the procedure.

What is the immediate effect?

Immediately after the procedure the colour will look shiny and dark. It will fade to the correct permanent shade over a period of three weeks. The tissue immediately surrounding the tattoo might be swollen and red for a short while following the treatment.

Is it a safe procedure?

Yes. Our professional cosmetic tattooist ensures thorough sterilisation and disinfection throughout.