Skin Booster

Skin BoosterSkin booster is the newest quality product we offer at Allure Laser and Skin Studio.

It is a smooth injectable gel made from synthesised hyaluronic acid (naturally occurring in the skin). It can help improve the skin quality on face, neck, décolletage and hands. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, boosts skin hydration and enhances skin elasticity.

The treatment involves administering multiple injections across the treatment area with a very fine needle. To help reduce any pain or discomfort you may feel during the process, the product includes anaesthetic lidocaine. Application of topical anaesthetic can also be used prior to treatment. It usually takes about 10 days for results to be seen and longevity of the product generally lasts from 9-12 months making it a once-a-year type of treatment.

While you may experience no side effect at all, as with all medications, side effect can occur. Reported side effects include site redness, pain, firmness, swelling, lumps and bumps, bruising, itching, or discolouration. In the vast majority of cases, these effects are temporary and should resolved within a week or so.

Skin booster injections are prescription only medicines and are very safe drugs when administered by a qualified medical practitioner who follows all recommended protocols for dosage, storage and administration. All our aesthetic experts have over 30 years combined experience.

Each treatment is uniquely tailored to suit each individual depending on how many mls you may need.

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