Lotus Gynolaser Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal Laser therapy has been around for a number of years now and the technology and treatments over this time continues to improve. It is increasingly becoming an alternative to hormone replacement and surgery for the treatment of vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, mild incontinence (bladder leakage) discomfort during intercourse, increased sensitivity and other well known problems associated with post-pregnancy and menopause.

We have many questions regarding the advanced Lotus CO2 Vaginal Laser. The most common questions are:

Does it really work and if so how does it work?

The treatment offered at Allure Laser and Skin Studio uses an advanced CO2 laser to help improve the tissue of the vaginal wall (both inner and the outer region). The result is tightening of the skin, stimulation of cell turnover which helps improve the moisture present and improve sensitivity. The increased thickness of the vaginal wall and the increased moisture helps reduce the discomfort that a lot of women suffer from.

The Lotus Vaginal Laser Treatment can help:
Improve vaginal moisture or lubrication (common after menopause)
Tighten the vaginal skin and wall and improve skin collagen. This reduces vaginal laxity and tightens and improves the texture of the outer region of the vagina and tissue immediately surrounding the area (the labial region).
Reduces urinary stress incontinence (bladder leakage with increased abdominal pressure for example with coughing or laughing). It is helpful for mild incontinence and may not suit everyone.
Decreases discomfort with intercourse (this is called dyspareunia) and potentially helps with improved sensitivity.

Having babies can lead to changes in and around the vagina. The Lotus Gynolaser is a treatment option worth exploring for those women whom have found their sex life has been impacted by incontinence or decreased sensitivity after having babies.

For women going through menopause (the peri-menopause period) and for those women whom are menopausal the vaginal dryness, thinning of the vaginal wall (vaginal atrophy) and the laxity can lead to painful intercourse, recurrent candida infections (thrush), stress incontinence and permanent discomfort. The advanced C02 laser treatment that the Lotus Gynolaser provides can aid in the vaginal rejuvenation, tightening of the tissue, increased moisture from renewed glands and increased cellular turnover can be life changing for many women.

This high-end laser used at Allure Laser and Skin Studio in Mackay utilises highly focused beams of light to help rejuvenate and stimulate cell turnover. This leads to increased collagen and elastin production to help tighten the vaginal wall and thicken the vaginal tissue. The end result is increased gland production improved moisture and normalisation of the pH and tightening of the surrounding outer tissue (the labia) as well.

For women whom have concerns post childbirth and menopausal women (including those women are going through the long process of menopause) the advanced laser technology that the Lotus Gynolaser provides is definitely worth exploring.


So how does a treatment with the Lotus Gynolaser work:

  • At Allure Laser and Skin Studio we can provide an initial complimentary consultation. During this, an extensive history is taken and any questions or concerns are addressed. It is important to have an up to date pap smear result
  • For most women you will need a series of three treatments about monthly. After this an occasional treatment may be needed to maintain optimal results. This is approximately yearly for most women.
  • The treatment involves a hollow tubular handpiece that is inserted into the vaginal canal. From this the advanced laser emits highly focussed beams of light onto the vaginal wall and if treating the immediate area surrounding the outer parts of the vagina.
  • For most women there is minimal to no discomfort during the procedure. There can be some discomfort treating the labial skin (local anaesthetic gel is applied to help reduce this discomfort), however this is very brief.
  • The whole process takes aspanroximately 15- 20 minutes. For many women it can be even less than this.
  • After the procedure the region may be more sensitive and some women do notice an increase in vaginal discharge for a few days.
  • There are certain activities including strenuous exercise that need to be avoided for the first few days after each treatment.

When do you start seeing results from the Vaginal Laser:

  • Most women start to notice positive effects approximately 4-6 weeks after the first treatment. Though many women report positive effects much sooner than this. This is because it takes time for the vaginal tissue to respond to the laser and start the rejuvenation process.
  • One treatment is not enough, for most women we advise 3 treatments one month apart to achieve noticeable positive longer lasting results. For some women depending on their concerns they may require more treatments.

How does the Lotus Gynolaser rejuvenate the vaginal tissue and help tighten and increase lubrication:

  • The direct light laser beam from the CO2 laser through the handpiece promotes a healing response which then leads to increased collagen stimulation, thickening of the vaginal tissue and potential tightening of the vaginal wall. There is also normalisation of the glands within the vaginal tissue to increase moisture and lubrication.
  • The results continue to improve over many months. For some patients the best results are only fully realised 4-6 months after treatment.

What are the risks of vaginal laser treatments:

  • There are some risks involved with Vaginal Laser treatment. The laser for the vaginal skin are very powerful and should only ever be performed with a trained Doctor. Always check the user’s credentials before going ahead or get a second opinion. Dr Richard Hogben is fully accredited with AHPRA and Queensland Radiation and has all the necessary certificates and extensive knowledge and training with Laser therapy.
  • Potential risks will be fully covered in the consultation. It is important to find the balance between benefits of vaginal treatment with the Lotus Gynolaser and risks involved.

Does the Lotus Gynolaser hurt:

  • For the majority of people treatment with the advanced Lotus Gynolaser are relatively comfortable. There can be some discomfort when treating the immediate outer vaginal skin (the labial area) but it is very short lived. Women are often very surprised on how tolerable the laser treatment is.

What is the post procedure care following Vaginal Laser treatment:

  • The vagina including the labial region may be sensitive for a few days post treatment. You may want to gently pat the area dry for this time.
  • Wearing cotton underwear is preferable over synthetic products and avoid harsh soaps and other scented products over this time. It is ideal to avoid wearing very tight undergarments.
  • Avoid very strenuous exercise and hot baths over this time.
  • A full post procedure information sheet and instructions will be given at the time of treatment and always feel free to contact Dr Richard Hogben at Allure Laser and Skin Studio if you have any questions.