Do you have stubborn fat that no amount of healthy eating or exercise can get rid of? We have just the thing. A balanced diet with regular exercise is the most effective way to loseRead More
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When we reach a certain age, it becomes harder to build muscle and keeping your muscles strong when you’re over 50 is important to maintain your strength, mobility and overall health. Going to the gym orRead More
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Chin Reduction
Do you want a more defined jaw line and side profile? We have a quick, easy and non-surgical way to help.Read More
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Are you thinking about trying injectables but are unsure if they’re safe or going to give you the result you want? Here are five common misconceptions. They’re not safe Dermal fillers are actually made fromRead More
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Skin threading is fast becoming one of the most popular treatments for skin rejuvenation. So, what is this innovative new procedure? We’re glad you asked. During our thirties and forties connective tissue begins to thinRead More
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truSculpt® flex for back pain
Is your back causing you pain? Can’t get comfortable and nothing is giving you relief? Tried everything and still your back aches? We have just the thing. Introducing, truSculpt flex. A recent US study foundRead More
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Allure Team
Established in 2008, Dr Richard Hogben’s passion, expertise and ongoing commitment led to the creation of Allure Laser and Skin Studio. Over the years, the clinic has significantly evolved offering a multitude of treatments andRead More