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Wonder what is between you and the beautiful appearance you desire?

Our reveal imager is an advanced facial imaging technology takes our skin analysis to a higher level. It can analyse your skin beneath the surface by visualizing the unique colour signatures of red and brown skin components through a unique RBX technology, enabling our professionals to provide clear and meaningful recommendations and design a tailored treatment plan to address your skincare needs.

As it a powerful visual assessment tool, we can track the progress of individualised treatments, providing you with the level of assurance that your skin condition has improved.

This imaging software is NOT a diagnostic tool for skin cancers or suspicious lesions. Rather, it only helps us and our clients to visualize the overall condition of your skin. It can also help depict where your skin is showing the most prominent signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and lines.

With its 3-D imaging, zoom and magnify capabilities, it is possible for us to efficiently evaluate:

Skin pigmentation
Sun damage
Spider veins

Let us visualise the overall condition of your skin. Contact us for a complimentary high-tech skin analysis.