Tattoo Removal

With the resurgence in tattoos over the past years has come an increased need and demand for safe and effective tattoo removal.

There are many reasons why you might wish to have a tattoo removed. However, regardless of the reason one thing is for sure: you need a reliable treatment that is safe and quick.

Allure Clinic is pleased to provide professional laser tattoo removal for your peace of mind.

How laser tattoo removal works

A laser is applied to your tattoo in short pulses. The ink molecules are destroyed, without affecting the condition of your skin. Because the different colour inks settle at different depths in your skin, different wavelengths of laser are applied to target specific colours at specific depths for the most effective results.

At our clinic you can expect safe and effective treatment that doesn’t leave any scarring. Our professional technique also drastically speeds up your healing process, minimising recovery time.

How many sessions are required?
The number of sessions that you will require depends on a number of factors:
The size of your tattoo
The type of ink that was used for your tattoo
The colour(s) of your tattoo
The quality of your tattoo (professional tattoos require more sessions than amateur tattoos)
The length of time between your laser sessions
Is it painful to get a tattoo removed?

We make every attempt to ensure that your laser tattoo removal treatments are as quick and painless as possible. Your skin is numbed beforehand using a topical cream. You will feel a ‘snap’ on your skin with every pulse of the laser. This is usually less painful than the process of getting a tattoo.