2940 Fractional Laser


Discover the beautiful skin of your dreams! Our latest skin resurfacing technology allows your perfect complexion to emerge from within…

Are you looking for a way to permanently reduce the appearance of unsightly skin flaws? 

Do you dream of having a beautiful complexion with a youthful radiance?

Our 2940 laser is a non-ablative fractional laser can be used to treat all kinds of skin imperfections on your face and body, providing you with incredible results and a newfound confidence

This non-invasive procedure is ideal for reducing the appearance of:
Acne scars
Enlarged pores
Fine lines
Pigmented lesions
Poor skin tone and texture
Stretch marks
Surgical scars

This cutting edge skin resurfacing laser system has been scientifically proven to effectively rejuvenate skin.

How does the 2940 fractional laser work?

Laser microbeams are focused on the problem area of skin. This allows us to treat specific flaws without affecting the surrounding tissue. Once the relevant area has been treated with the laser, your body’s natural repair process will commence. New collagen and elastin is produced in order to rebuild the tissue that was affected by the laser. The collagen and elastin ensure that your repaired skin has a healthy youthful appearance.

This is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. A topical anaesthetic may be required to minimize any discomfort, and clients experience little to no downtime. It’s the quick, convenient, and effective way to restore the quality of your skin.