Beauty Booster


Beautify your appearance and prevent the signs of ageing!

Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in our skin that gives it volume and elasticity begins to diminish as we age. The skin undergoes natural physiological changes over time; slow and irreversible alteration due to intrinsic factors: oxidative stress, ethnicity, and hormonal changes. Over time, skin may be impacted by extrinsic factors: sun exposure, air pollution, stress, and lifestyle choices such as diet and smoking. These combined can lead to premature skin ageing such as wrinkles, dryness, and laxity.

The beauty booster skin treatment is a minimally invasive in-clinic procedure that provides intensive skin nourishment and hydration for a glowing skin. It improves skin radiance and overall skin quality with immediate, natural, and long-lasting results.

  • This innovative beauty boosting treatment is a dermal filler which allows a smooth application by microinjections and provides:
  • Improvement of hydration, radiance, and firmness
  • Correction of skin roughness and withered skin marked by ageing
  • Prevention of wrinkles5
  • Redensification of skin through tissue restructuring and protection from oxidative stress


What happens during the Beauty Booster treatment?

A treatment consists of intra, or hypodermic microinjections given with a fine needle of very small quantities of dermal filler along the lines of wrinkles and evenly spread over the surface of the whole face, neck and/or decolletage. This allows the beauty booster ingredients to penetrate the heart of the skin, the dermis. The injection may be manual, with a syringe or electronically assisted for more comfort dependent on the practitioner’s recommendation. A treatment will take approximately 30 minutes for the full-face.

Will I be able to start working again immediately after a treatment?

Immediately after your treatment with dermal filler you may notice slight redness, swelling or tenderness in the treated area. These reactions are to be expected after an injection and usually resolve in a few days. If symptoms persist, please contact your practitioner.

Post Procedure Timeline:

  • 12 hours post: it is highly advised not to use makeup.
  • 3 days post: avoid alcohol, air travel and strenuous exercise.
  • 15 days post: it is highly advised to avoid dental treatments, other aesthetic procedures of any type, sun exposure and extreme temperatures e.g. saunas.

Are the results immediately visible?

The results are seen immediately after the first treatment. The skin is brighter and more hydrated, lines are softened, and the skin becomes more supple. Gradually, from one treatment to the next, the complexion looks increasingly radiant, and the skin becomes firmer.

Does it require pain relief?

The micro-injections are shallow and performed with very fine needles. For optimum comfort throughout the treatment, it contains lidocaine which is a local anaesthetic used globally. A topical anaesthetic cream may also be applied by your practitioner if they deem necessary. We recommend regular application of a cool compress to the treated area.

How long does the effect last?

This beauty booster treatment contains a resorbable molecule, and its effects are temporary and depend on several factors: skin type, age, treated area and injection technique.

For an optimal result, a treatment plan of 3 sessions at 3-week intervals are recommended with lasting results up to 9-months7.

For maintenance, 1 session every 4-6 months thereafter is ideal.

What is the Cost of the Beauty Booster?

Treatments are tailored to suit each client’s needs and skin condition. As every patient is different, our highly skilled injectors will develop a tailored treatment plan and advise you of costs involved during your complimentary consultation.