Blood Vessel Treatment


Our advanced laser vascular treatments safely and effectively remove blood vessels for improved aesthetic results.

At Allure Laser and Skin Studio we use the latest technology. In this case, the Etherea™ laser system. A 1064 nm laser is used to target unsightly blood vessels on the face, legs, and all other parts of the body.

Whether it’s for medical or aesthetic reasons, we can safely remove vascular lesions and birthmarks, leaving you with clear beautiful skin. Using an energy based system like the Etherea laser means that we are successfully able to treat blood vessel lesions that were previously regarded as untreatable.

Staying at the forefront of technological advancement in our industry means that we are able to provide our clients with the safest and most effective treatment options possible. You can expect improved comfort and satisfaction with Allure Laser and Skin Studio. 

The Etherea laser is applied to the relevant area of skin. The light energy from the laser is absorbed by the blood in the unwanted blood vessels. This destroys the blood vessel whilst maintaining the integrity of the surrounding tissue. The blood vessels disappear over time, leaving your skin with a far more natural appearance.

It couldn’t be easier to remove unwanted blood vessels – quickly and safely.

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