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Established in 2008, Dr Richard Hogben’s passion, expertise and ongoing commitment led to the creation of Allure Laser and Skin Studio. Over the years, our independently and family-owned medical cosmetic clinic has significantly evolved, enabling us to cultivate an incredible reputation of being the most trusted and experienced medical cosmetic clinic in our region. With “Fresher Natural Looks” as our philosophy, we proudly offer a multitude of quality treatments using meticulously sourced state-of the art technology, non-surgical combination therapies and top-of-the-line cosmeceutical products.

Why choose Allure Laser and Skin Clinic, Richmond?

There are several reasons to choose Allure Laser and Skin Studio:

  • Expert staff:Allure Laser and Skin Studio has a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who are skilled in providing a wide range of laser and skin treatments.
  • Advanced technology:Allure Laser and Skin Studio uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure the best results for their clients.
  • Customised treatment plans: Allure Laser and Skin Studio tailors treatment plans to meet the individual needs and goals of each client.
  • Safe and effective treatments:Allure Laser and Skin Studio prioritises the safety and comfort of their clients, and their treatments have been proven to be both safe and effective.
  • Positive client reviews: Allure Laser and Skin Studio has received many positive reviews from satisfied clients, which is a testament to the high-quality services they offer.

Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Anti-wrinkle treatments at Laser Skin Clinic Richmond are a popular choice for those looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on their skin. These treatments are non-invasive and typically involve the use of laser or light-based technologies to stimulate collagen production and smooth out wrinkles.

One popular treatment at Laser Skin Clinic Richmond is laser skin resurfacing, which uses lasers to target and remove the outer layers of skin, revealing smoother, more youthful skin underneath. This treatment is effective for reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.

Another option is Botox, which is a purified protein that is injected into specific muscles to relax them and smooth out wrinkles. This treatment is quick, relatively painless, and can be performed in just a few minutes. Other anti-wrinkle treatments at Laser Skin Clinic Richmond include dermal fillers, which are injected into the skin to plump up and smooth out wrinkles, and microdermabrasion, which uses fine crystals to exfoliate the skin and improve its texture and tone.

Facial Threads

At Laser Skin Clinic Richmond, we offer a range of facial thread treatments to address a variety of skin concerns. These treatments involve the use of fine threads, which are inserted into the skin to lift and tighten the face, creating a more youthful and refreshed appearance. Our facial thread treatments are suitable for those who are looking to improve the overall appearance of their skin without undergoing surgery. The threads are inserted using a fine needle, which causes minimal discomfort and requires minimal downtime.

One of the main benefits of facial threads is that they can be used to address a range of skin concerns, including sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. They are also effective at improving the contours of the face, such as the jawline and neck.

If you are interested in learning more about facial threads and how they can benefit you, we encourage you to book a consultation with our team at Laser Skin Clinic Richmond.

Lower Face Reshaping

Lower face reshaping is a cosmetic procedure that aims to alter the appearance of the lower half of the face, including the chin, jawline, and neck. This procedure is often sought by individuals who are unhappy with the shape or size of their chin, have excess skin or fat on their neck, or have a jawline that they feel is too square or undefined.

There are several different techniques that can be used to reshape the lower face, including facial implants, liposuction, and neck lift surgery. Facial implants are small, custom-made devices that are inserted into the chin or jawline to add definition and shape. Liposuction involves the removal of excess fat from the neck and jawline using a small tube inserted through a small incision. Neck lift surgery involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the neck, as well as the tightening of underlying muscles to create a more defined jawline and neck.

In addition to these surgical options, non-surgical treatments such as injectable fillers and laser treatments can also be used to reshape the lower face. Injectable fillers can be used to add volume to the chin or jawline, while laser treatments can help to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of excess fat or sagging.

Overall, lower face reshaping is a highly customizable procedure that can be tailored to each individual’s unique facial structure and aesthetic goals.


Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition characterised by excessive sweating, beyond what is necessary for the body’s thermoregulatory needs. It can occur in any part of the body, but most commonly affects the palms, soles, and underarms.

The exact cause of hyperhidrosis is believed to be related to the overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system. This system controls the body’s fight or flight response and regulates the sweat glands. In people with hyperhidrosis, the sweat glands are overactive and produce excessive amounts of sweat even in situations where it is not needed, such as when the body is at rest or in a cool environment.

So, when you choose our dedicated professionals to look after you, you are choosing to be looked after by a qualified professional with the highest level of experience, skills, and strong dedication to ongoing professional development.

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So, when you choose our dedicated professionals to look after you, you are choosing to be looked after by a qualified professional with the highest level of experience, skills, and strong dedication to ongoing professional development. Please call us on 1300 112 311 for timely assistance with your enquiry.