Synergie Acceler-A

Synergie Acceler-A

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Advanced Vitamin A serum with 6% RetiNext complex™.

Acceler-A serum contains Synergie’s proprietary blend of 6% Retinext complex™. This essential night serum assists in regulating new cell production while reversing and preventing signs of ageing. This next generation Vitamin A is more bioavailable, potent, non-irritating and stable than traditional retinoid serums. Key ingredients hydroxyp­inacolone retinoate, dimethyl isosorbide, coenzyme Q10 and pure green tea work in synergy to clear, refine, brighten and rejuvenate all skin types.


Key Benefits

  • Increases skin cell proliferation and turnover to refine and smooth texture.
  • Addresses sun damage by reversing and preventing UV induced genetic errors.
  • Regulates melanogenesis to address hyperpigmentation, resulting in a bright and even skin tone.
  • Regulates oil production to reduce blemishes and enlarged pores
  • Stimulates collagen and reduces its degradation by increasing dermal thickness, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


In the evening after Vitamin B serum, apply one pump over face and neck. Follow with a moisturiser best suited to your skin type. For optimal penetration, use with Rejuvaderm Home Roller.

First-time clients should always start by using Ultimate A as the more gentle option. Advance to Acceler-A after 3 to 6 months, alternating between Ultimate A and Acceler-A every evening over a 4-week period to gradually build tolerance to Acceler-A.

Always apply Acceler-A sparingly and monitor tolerance. Clients with sensitive skin may wish to remain on Ultimate A as the vitamin A product of choice.