Photodynamic Therapy

PDT is photodynamic therapy and involves simple preparation of the skin, application of special light activated lotion and exposure of the lesion to a special blue and red light. It is approved forthe treatment of superficial BCC, Bowen’s disease and actinic/solar keratoses ( commonly known as sunspots).Common side effects include mild to moderate redness and swelling which oftenresolve rapidly. Due to the selective nature of PDT treatment, healthy tissueis left unharmed and scarring is minimal.

Thoughthere are obvious cosmetic benefits to the use of Photodynamic therapy, this treatment also holds long term health benefits. The treatment is predominantly used to deal with solar damage. Aside from the decidedly unappealing look ofthe blotchy, white and dark areas that are found after ling-term damage to thearms, legs, torso and the face, these “sun-spots” can manifest into moredangerous conditions.

There arecurrently many practitioners world-wide that encourage the use of PDT not onlyas a cosmetic procedure, but as an annual preventative measure to treat andinhibit further sun-damage or acne.