Lower Face Re-shaping

This procedure is for patients who would like a more dramatic transformation. It combines all available non surgical re-shaping procedures to change the patient’s lower face re-shaping and glamourise, beautify and rejuvenate the whole face.

While lower face re-shaping would have involved major surgery in the past, we can now achieve spectacular results that re-shape and beautify the face with virtually no downtime.

This involves a combination of non surgical facial procedures, such as lower face and jawline re-sculpting, as well as other relatively new procedures such as the cheek and chin lift.

The aim is to:
Transform the facial shape to that of an aesthetically ideal oval shape
Restore the youthful Ogee curve of the eyes and cheek with the use of non surgical procedures such as the cheek and chin filler and – where appropriate – the eyelift and face “lift” in a syringe.
Re-shape the lower face to a slimmer more feminine shape.