Non-surgical options to stop snoring

Are you, your partner or you kids being kept awake by your snoring? Well, good news! We have a new, surgery-free treatment to help you stop snoring.
Stop snoring

Although snoring is very common and occurs in nearly everyone at some point during their lives – usually triggered by a lack of sleep, alcohol before bed, smoking and other lifestyle factors – we don’t have to live with it.

Introducing the Inlift ™ Fractional Laser

The Inlift ™ Fractional Laser is a non-invasive treatment to aid in management of snoring to improve your sleep and the sleep of those around you.

Snoring happens when the muscles and the soft tissue in the upper respiratory tract relax causing your soft palate and the mucous membranes in the throat to vibrate. The Inlift ™ Fractional Laser helps target the root cause of snoring by tightening and strengthening the soft palate and surrounding tissue that would otherwise relax and obstruct the air passage.

How does it work?

The advanced fractional laser uses a high frequency of light to gently heat the soft tissue in the mouth, throat and soft palate. This heating creates a tightening effect and stimulates collagen growth to strengthen the soft tissue making it less prone to prolapse and less likely to obstruct free airflow.

The treatment itself is comfortable and non-invasive, the heating process takes about 30 minutes and unlike surgery, there is no pain or down time. We typically recommend at least 3 treatments, 3-4 weeks apart to achieve the best result, however your consultant will work with you on a tailored plan during your free consultation.

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